How to Track a Shipment Package Without a Tracking Number

package tracking

Quality products, good presentation, and reliable delivery. All this forms a high-quality sales service. But you can still refine a little more through order tracking. This is vital in offering greater peace of mind to the client. Take advantage of the order tracking tools for your online store!

Dicom is a great platform to use for tracking orders or shipments. All you have to do is key in your tracking number and monitor your orders. Shipping companies can partner with them to ensure their clients get quality service.

Monitoring a Package Without a Tracking Number

shipment deliveryAlthough it is common for shippers these days to have a tracking number available, this is not always the case. Maybe the courier company doesn’t provide one. There is also the possibility that the customer has temporarily lost access to their email address or has forgotten to write it down beforehand. The tracking number may exist but not work. Whatever the case, don’t panic. You can contact the customer care service of a specific shipping company. Here are other options to try out.

Check the Payment Receipt

In some cases, the tracking number is not in the confirmation email, but you received the receipt for purchasing the service. If you cannot find the tracking number yourself, you can contact the courier company later and provide them with other information from the receipt. The courier company knows where your shipment was recently scanned.

Use the Company’s App or Create an Online Profile

Many courier companies offer the option of creating your own profile on their website, in which you can track all of your shipments. This means you don’t have to look for a tracking number every time you send a package with this courier company. You can download the courier company’s app to your phone in some cases, and you will be notified every time your shipment is scanned in a new transit location.

Contact the Recipient

package shippingIt sounds obvious, but it’s the easiest way to tell if your shipment is now in the hands of the recipient. Check the estimated delivery time of your package and call or email the recipient after this time. If the recipient hasn’t received it yet, don’t worry. The estimated delivery time is only estimated, so it is possible that there will be delays and that the estimated delivery date will be exceeded.

Contact the Courier Company

If it’s been over a week and the package is nowhere to be found, you can always contact the courier company. By providing details, which can be found on the receipt or the confirmation email, they can inform you where your shipment is at that moment. If you already had a tracking number but misplaced it, you can still get it. Always ensure you provide the shipping company with the correct information about the shipment.