Common Lawsuits Your Business May Encounter

legal cases

While starting a business is one of many people’s dream-come-true and makes them so excited, it also comes with many issues. One of the problems is that your business will face legal suits, and it is not a matter of whether it will happen, but when. For example, Lundin Energy got dragged into a legal case when mining oil in Sudan.  Due to the possibility of litigation against the business, it would be best for enterprises to be prepared by working with reliable attorneys to represent them whenever there is a need.

Here are some of the common lawsuits your business is likely to face:

Auto Accidents

auto accidentMost businesses own vehicles registered under them. If any of the employees causes a crash when driving any company vehicles, the business can be sued or demanded to take liability. Luckily, if the company has taken enough commercial insurance cover, the insurance will take up such accident cases and handle them, so the owner will have no need to worry about the litigation.

Breach of contract

breach of contractCompanies have to enter into many contracts with so many parties, such as premises owners, employees, vendors, etc. It is common for the business to find itself sued for non-fulfillment of the terms of a contract. This may take several forms, such as failing to pay for goods supplied to the business, failing to deliver goods to another party, providing the wrong goods, and so on. Your business may also sue other parties for such issues.

Employee Injury or sickness

employee injuryWorkplaces are full of hazards, for example, falling on slippery floors, getting hurt by machines, and so on. The best thing is that insurance should cover all the costs, including fines. And this shows the need for businesses to have worker’s compensation cover. Sometimes the penalties and punishments, such as jail term, can be so hefty depending on the state in which your case is.

Discrimination Against Customers

Your business may face a civil case due to failure to satisfy a customer due to their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and others. For example, a confectionery business that fails to prepare a cake for a homosexual couple could be sued for discrimination.

Additionally, businesses face other legal cases like harassment, intellectual properties related matters, and so on.